Dessert Factory (Cebu City)

apple pie ala mode

apple pie ala mode

red velvet

red velvet


This shop is hard to miss. Its name alone can already lure in people of all ages. Dessert Factory sounds so sweet and enticing. Images of pretty cakes, colorful icings, sticky syrups and yummy ice cream of all flavors immediately come to mind when I hear its name.

I have been wanting to try Dessert Factory for a long time. I just haven’t had the chance to because I was always full whenever we passed by it. Even from afar, one can easily see and feel the playful and inviting vibe of this place.I made sure that this time around I will not leave Cebu without trying it at least once.

True enough, its name lives up to its dessert selections. As you enter the shop, a big cake chiller filled with sweets of all kinds welcomes you. I looked around and waited for someone to shout, “welcome to dessert heaven!” but to no avail. haha
Honestly, I somewhat panicked at the sight of it and had a hard time deciding what to order. My cousins and I finally settled for the apple pie ala mode, red velvet and ultimate brownie ala mode.


ultimate brownie ala mode

ultimate brownie ala mode


I give the apple pie ala mode and the ultimate brownie overload my thumbs-up. I love the chunkiness and the tangy taste of the apple pie. It reminded me of a breezy afternoon. Truly refreshing indeed. The ultimate brownie ala mode on the other hand spelled comfort. The richness and the texture of the brownie went really well with the creamy vanilla ice cream. It was like a good ‘ole pat on the back.
However, the red velvet cake failed to meet my expectations, it was a tad too dry for my liking.

Oh by the way, I was a bit surprised to find out that Dessert Factory is also a full service restaurant. Aside from their pastries, ice cream and dessert, they also offer a variety of dishes from different cuisines which unfortunately I have not tried. So I guess, it goes without saying that I have to visit Dessert Factory again in one of my future Cebu trips. Yayy! I left happy, satisfied and with a big grin on my face looking forward to the day that I’ll be back. 🙂



Dessert Factory Branches

3/F Ayala Center Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Street, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
 Tel No. +6332 233-2351

Mahogany Court, Archbishop Reyes Ave. , Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City
 Tel No. +6332 233-9977

Lower GF, SM City Cebu
 Tel No. +6332 233-3661


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