Quick Bites: Chocoholic Treats


Take your pick and Indulge! 🙂

Lachi’s Bittersweet Choco Bar

Lachi’s Bittersweet Choco Bar


A rich brownie topped with a thick layer of dark chocolate. It’s your good ole’ fashion brownie made even better and more chocolatey. What I love about this yummy creation is that it is not too sweet, making it and my hot cup of black coffee a perfect match. Available at Lachi’s, Marfori st., Davao City.


Basti's Choco Caramel Cake

Basti’s Choco Caramel Cake


Listed as one of Basti’s Brew’s bestsellers, this choco caramel cake is a sinful treat that can make the chocoholic in you come out. If you’re looking for a light dessert then this is definitely not for you. 😉 Chocoholics attack!
Available at Basti’s Brew (Victoria Plaza and Legazpi Street)


Crepelato's Choco Gelato

Crepelato’s Choco Gelato


A light scoopful of choco gelato topped with crushed grahams, almonds and drizzled with choco syrup. This sweet, cold treat is from Crepelato. Crepelato is the first gelato house in Davao City. Main branch is located across the old Sampaguita Inn. You can also check out their recently opened branches in Nccc Mall and Gaisano Grand Mall. We frequent this place because of the cozy ambiance and the wide variety of gelato flavors. Their gelato needs improvement in thickness and consistency though but overall it’s ok. Aside from the choco gelato, my other picks are the choco mint and mango float. Must try is the gelato on a crepe— hence the name crepelato.

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we paid for our meals.


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