BRGR: The Burger Project

Western Bacon Melt

Western Bacon Melt

 Western Bacon MeltThe Western Bacon Melt is a heavenly stack of a 100% beef burger patty topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and smothered in bbq sauce smacked right in between a poppy seed bun.


Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City is a sweet culinary destination. This relaxing street offers a long stretch of unique & hip restos, homey chill-out spots and chic cafes perfect for food enthusiasts and travelers alike. No wonder why it is also one of the favorite tambayans of students, faculty and employees of nearby schools and establishments, respectively.

I love coming back to this place and a trip to my alma mater would not be complete without a short visit to this foodie haven. During this particular visit, we decided to check out “BRGR: The Burger Project“. I have been hearing a lot about this joint and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it out. This joint is famous for the “design your own burger” concept. You can make-your-own burger by choosing your type of bun, burger patty, sauces, cheese and toppings.

  • type of bun (poppy seed, potato, and oatmeal bun),
  • burger patty (beef, tofu or chicken)
  • sauces (bbq, teriyaki, marinara, garlic, pesto, special brgr, wasabi mayonnaise & buffalo wings)
  • cheese (mozzarella, bleu, cheddar and gruyere)
  • basic and premium toppings

One caution in making-your-own burger is that you should be careful in choosing your toppings because the wrong combination of toppings can easily overwhelm the taste of your burger.

For those who can’t decide or don’t have the time to customize their own burgers, The Burger Project also has a ready list of designer burgers to choose from.

My friend and I opted for the designer burgers. We ordered their bestsellers; the Western Bacon Melt and the French Lick.


French Lick

French Lick

 The French Lick boasts of a 100% beef patty, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and special brgr sauce in a poppy seed bun.


We couldn’t hide our excitement as we waited for our burgers. It took them around 15-20 minutes to finish our orders. We were able to explore the place and look around. We found out by accident that Monterey supplies their meat.We could hardly contain ourselves when our orders arrived. Our burgers were done the way we like them; huge, soft and packed with flavor. The buns were a bit too soft though and tended to soak up excess grease from the patties.


Side dish: French Fries

Side dish: French Fries


We also ordered french fries and spicy buffalo wings on the side to complete our burger experience. The spicy buffalo wings was tangy and full of flavor. It added a nice kick to the meal.


Side Dish: Buffalo wings

Side Dish: Buffalo wings


Overall, it was a good dining experience. Come to think of it, the possible burger creations are endless. If you want to put your imagination to work and bring out the burger connoisseur in you then this is the perfect place to visit. I am a fan of this concept and I love how “The Burger Project” has been able to revamp the burger experience by making it more fun, interactive and creative.



Brgr: The Burger Project Branches:
Maginhawa Branch:
  122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village
  Quezon City (02) 351-7474, (0915) 520-2266
  Open daily: 11:00am to 1:00am
Taft Branch:
  G/F of The Grand Towers, Vito Cruz
  760 P. Ocampo Sr. St., Malate, Manila
  Open daily from 11:00am to 12:00mn

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we paid for our meals.

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