On Cakes and Candles


It’s the eve of my birthday and I just remembered how much I love birthdays and look forward for my brothers’, cousins’ and friends’ birthdays. I just asked myself why and I realized that the reason is not hard to figure out. It’s simply because of the FREE FOOD!hehe No really, aside from that, I love birthdays because it’s a happy occasion and I just can’t get enough of the smiles and birthday wishes I hear being given out. Everyone claps and sings the “happy birthday song” the moment it’s time blow the candles on the cake. Everyone is happy for the celebrant and wishes him/her the best in life. I’m going to turn a year older tomorrow and I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been a part of my life. You all know how grateful I am that I was given the chance to grace your lives and also become a part of it. I am indeed very grateful most especially to those people who have shared their food with me, eaten with me, invited me for food trips and in general shared with me the wonderful world of food! hehe

Thank you and I love you all!:)

-the ultimate food addict- *wink wink(with a tear or two dropping)* hehe!


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