Feast of Christ the King


Today is the feast of the Christ the King- the Fiesta of Tagum City. It is also the blessing of my mom’s lying-in. GS Lying in Center and Ob-Gyne clinic. It has been a very busy day. I woke up at 8am and I’m proud to say I cooked!haha (I’m trying my luck in cooking now. I guess it’s worth a shot given the fact how much I love to eat!hehe) I cooked fish fillet. I’m going to post the picture and procedure here tomorrow. 🙂 You truly could see how excited I am. I even couldn’t wait for tomorrow to share some of the things that happened today. I’m going to stop blogging now and fill in the details real soon. Until then, with love from appetizer to dessert.

-the ultimate food addict- 😉

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