Dairy Queen Dilly bar


It’s cold and I’m somewhat freezin’ yet I still want to eat ice cream! hehe 🙂 A dilly bar to be exact! Even just the thought of the crunchy chocolate coating and the rich vanilla ice cream makes me want to disregard that the aircon in this room is in full blast. How could I feel the cold when all I’m thinking of is the sweet taste of the yummy chocolate and vanilla ice cream melting in my mouth. wheww… and to top that off I love the hefty serving I get for just 35php. A dilly bar is served straight from their cold rock freezer and indeed it’s very cold and frozen. I usually wait a few minutes before biting into my dilly bar so that I would not hurt my teeth. haha! kidding! 🙂 I just like my dilly bar a little softer. This is perfect for that sudden sugar craving and a perfect energizer for one more round of shopping or window shopping in my case. haha! 😛


DQ dilly bar

DQ dilly bar



Dairy Queen can be found in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City

 Photo by Aileen Dalugdug

 Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we paid for our treat.


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