Taps is an all-time favorite of mine. It can be found all over Davao city. Even when I was still studying in Manila, I remember there were times when I would suddenly crave for Taps. Their “silog” meals have that distinct “Taps” taste. My cousins and I love almost everything here. I would like to believe that the liking for “silog” meals is already present the moment a Filipino child is born, really I believe that. Kidding aside, a meal with sinangag and itlog for me is as Filipino as it could possibly get. It is the perfect breakfast for every Juan and in my case and maybe many others, the perfect meal for any time of the day. 😛


tobangsilog (tocino, bangus, itlog and rice)

tosilog (tocino, itlog and rice)

Lekasi (lechon kawali and sinangag)

Lekasi (lechon kawali and sinangag)

Taps menu

Taps menu


The first thing that’s noticeable when visiting Taps is the unique winding, continuous counter-like table tops. Fixed stools are placed at a reasonable distance from each other and serve as chairs. One could say that this is perfect for the “eat and run” set-up and I guess that’s also one reason why the place is designed this way. It is simply saying that my priority is FOOD and my business is to make it delicious, affordable and fast. Add-on comfort from chairs not needed. Whoah. True, I agree.

Almost all “silog” meals are available. Some of the more popular silogs are the tapsilog which is the tapa and the taporsilog which has tapa and pork, bangsilog—bangus, corsilog-corned beef and primasilog-pritong manok. My all-time favorite is the tosilog, a simple meal of tocino, sinangag and itlog. Yum2x! I guess I’ve tried out almost all variants already. How could I not when my cousins and I usually order two different meals each whenever we eat here and to top that off a couple extra orders of ox feet are tossed in for sharing to complete the meal. The meals are somewhat oily though so it’s really not recommended to eat here everyday but it’s definitely worth it to give in to that craving once or a couple of times a month. 😀

Taps is indeed all over the city. It should be because my craving for it can strike anytime, anywhere and I really must immediately have my Taps fix. I think there are over 6 branches already. Branches are in Matina, Illustre, Quirino, Bolton, Torres and across Dimsum diner at the back of Gaisano mall. You can contact them at tel no. (082) 225-0013.

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we paid for our meals.


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